Dr MA Halim Khan

Dr Muhammad Abdul Halim Khan

Endochrinology (Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormone) Specialist (BMDC Reg No: A-39336)

Dr Muhammad Abdul Halim Khan, (MBBS), MD (Endochrinology & Metabolism, BSMMU)

After completion of MBBS Renowned Hormone Specialist Dr MA Halim Khan completed Prestigious MD in Endochrinology & Metabolism. He is an honorable member of American Diabetes Association (ADA). Dr MA Halim also acomplished Advanced Training on Clinical Endochrinology. Currently Dr MA Halim Khan is appointed as Unit Cheif of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical college Hospital.

Dr MA Halim Khan is widely experienced in treating Hormone disorder such as Diabetes, Thyroid & all other Hormone and related diseases. So consulting him about hormonal diseases will end patients requirement for a best Hormone Specialist.

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