Diagnostic Center; Lab Home Service

Spending hours in a queue at the diagnostic Center or Hospital?

Risking you being infected by other patients?

Need lab tests for critically Ill or bed ridden Patients in home?

Looking for Diagnostic Lab Home Service?

Appreciating the importance of health tests and understanding the requirement to make diagnostic center services more user-friendly, Healthcare Solution by Khidmat Drug Outlet offers the sheer convenience of Home Sample Collection and report delivery service.*

Diagnostic Lab Home Service

On receiving your request for home Sample Collection and report delivery, trained technicians will reach your doorstep to gather samples and after that you will get reports through internet communication media or hardcopy on your doorstep.

Why Us:

Firstly, Healthcare Solution by Khidmat Drug Outlet has put in situ a network of international quality reputed Diagnostic Center Service Providers and Lab Request Processing Team to make sure patients get the most effective of services within the comfort of their own homes.

Secondly: We provide the best price

Last but not the least, We work with them, who don’t compromise Quality.

*Disclaimer: Healthcare Solution by Khidmat Drug Outlet is not a diagnostic center or lab. We provide these services with collaboration of authorized, competent, standard, reputed and quality diagnostic center or labs.